Web Design Sydney – 7 Tips to Make Your Website More Engaging

If you plan or design websites, then you know how important it is that the website be easy to use. Can they find the information they are looking for? Can they find the button they need to press? We call this the “can do” factor. But “can do” is not all there is. What about “will do”? They can find the button, but will they press it? They can find the information but will they act on it? And then there’s “still do”? Will they come back? Will they be loyal?

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Website Design Sydney great tips to help make your website successful

This blog has been created to share tips and techniques to have a successful and engaging site for you visitors. As Google is still king in the search engine world here in Australia, it is important to keep up to speed with their constant algorithm changes that impact all of our sites including mine.

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