The Number 1 Mistake Website Owners Make:
Building A Website, Which Has No Visitors Or That Makes No Sales.
The Only Solution To This Mistake: Develop A Winning Strategy!

There are billions of web-pages currently available to Internet Users with only a very small percentage actually generating returns for their owners. The major reason being they are launched in such a rush there is no online strategy behind their creation.

Imagine this for a moment, you contact the local newspaper, pay $1000 for an advertisement but the ad has no purpose, no contact details and no call to action. Obviously this style of ad would get no result, and I doubt any business owner would actually ever place it. Building a webpage is very cost effective compared to traditional advertising and as such, many business owners don’t put the effort into the online strategy behind the website. They think about building something visually appealing but they don’t consider generating traffic, communicating value or optimising conversion.

The Web Marketing strategies behind a website are just as important as the website itself. The reason being that many business owners don’t have the time or the knowledge to consider these things. Our Web Design in Sydney team have over 15 years of experience in building campaigns that work and the very first step in building a successful campaign is designing the strategy.

The following are 3 Steps To Designing A Successful Online Strategy that our Website Design Company suggests;

Step 1:
Market Research Conduct strategic research to uncover the market segments where you can generate immediate results. Also discover what your competitors are doing and your potential to beat them!
Step 2:
Set Outcomes that are quantifiable and measure outcomes from your website that are achieved on a monthly basis. This helps to guide your website design and marketing campaign to success.
Step 3:
Build web marketing strategies, that achieve desired outcomes and capitalise on gaps in the market that are identified in the research phase. This 3 step strategy has worked for us and our clients, it will work for you!

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