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The Basic Website SEO Sydney Success Formula:

There are two things you need to generate good leads and attract potential new customers online – product and traffic. While most businesses have good products, many struggle to generate enough traffic online to make any difference to their sales. One of the best ways to get more traffic is by using Search Engine Optimisation on your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Sydney) involves identifying the right keywords for a business and then incorporating them into a website. Keywords are words that people type into search engines like Google when they are looking for a product or service. Using this technique has been very successful for many website owners and has been proven to deliver results.

At Web Design in Sydney, we have a unique approach to Google SEO that follows three steps:

SEO Step 1: Identify Profitable Keywords

Using a unique Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) Sydney formula we identify keywords that will be highly profitable for your business. We then analyse these keywords for competition and build a report showing factors you can use to out rank your competitors.

SEO Step 2: Build SEO Strategy

Once research is complete we then develop a strategic Google SEO strategy, which will systematically dominate your niche.  The strategy will discuss content production, link building and which keywords to target initially.

SEO Step 3: Implement

The final step is to implement the SEO Sydney strategy to achieve results for your business.

Our unique 3 step approach has been proven to get results for businesses repeatedly. You will be a leader in your field and dominate Search Engine Results once we implement this formula for you.

One thing you will never have to worry about when working with us is whether we use Google SEO strategies which could get you banned.  Our Web Design and SEO in Sydney team only develop strategies that are termed white hat techniques and will get you results in both the short term and long term.

With major search engines like Google making regular changes to the way they rank websites, it is no longer enough simply to set up a site and hope that it works. To get the best results you need people like the team at Web Design in Sydney who know what Google is looking for and can create a website that will rank highly with search engines and be easy for your visitors to use. So having a website design in Sydney professionally set up is key.

You probably know that in order to rank well in search engines you need to use the right keywords, but working out which are the best keywords for your business can be time-consuming and potentially difficult for beginners. Using our proven SEO Sydney methods, we will not only find the keywords that will work for you, but also implement them as part of a winning strategy for your website. Written by Alex M

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Boosting Your Website Traffic Case Study

Used well, the web can help small businesses generate new sales leads and grow their profile on a national or international scale. Used poorly, you just get buried with millions of other sites on the web. The growth of the internet has made small business owners realise that they need to work on their marketing strategies. Rather than spending thousands of dollars per month on Adwords. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can offer a cost effective alternative. Using the right keywords can make your site attractive to Google’s search and sorting algorithms. Done right, SEO can be a highly effective marketing tool by boosting your business’ profile up the search engine results

Research shows that most people only visit websites that appear on the first page of Google and many will only click on the first one or two pages that come up in search results. Just a few potential customers will bother to go on to the second page of search results so if your business is not on the front page it will probably suffer.

With the boom in SEO marketing, many companies have set themselves up offering to help businesses develop an SEO strategy. However, not all of these companies do a good job.

Neil from Gosford Quarries spoke to several SEO companies when he wanted to improve marketing.

“We didn’t have the expertise to do it ourselves,” Neil explained. “So we went to some big companies and they said they’d work with us on five keywords and we might be visible on page one in a year. But they wanted to lock us into a twelve month contract and in the end could not guarantee anything”.

At Web Design in Sydney, we do not demand long-term contracts so Neil was able to work with us without the fear of being locked in to something that wasn’t working. In fact, after just three months using the strategy we developed, Gosford Quarries ranked on page one of search results for a number of relevant keywords. Increased web traffic lead to more inquiries and sales and the SEO strategy is now paying for itself through increased revenue. Neil says “It’s effectively not costing us anything; it’s a great relationship for us and has made a big difference to our business”.